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Every Door Direct Mail

Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM), a USPS service, is a saturation mailing with a simplified address such as Residential Customer or Postal Customer. This allows your business to target residences and businesses at the carrier route level. Getting your message in every home, every address and, every door.

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Saturation, or EDDM, offers low postage rates of $0.16 each. Also, authorized Non-Profit mailers will qualify for rates of approximately $0.114 per mailer. Compare that to presorted Standard rates averaging $0.28 for letters and Presorted Flats averaging over $0.40 each! EDDM is a flat size mailer, so there is more space available to market with than an automated letter size. EDDM offers a substantial postage savings.

Typically, this type of mail is drop shipped from J&A Printing directly to the DDU or SCF (local post offices) where the mailing is being delivered. The discount from the USPS is typically far greater than any shipping costs and makes the delivery of the EDDM mail piece to the household faster and very predictable.

– Lower postage rates – No list to buy
– Flat size mailer/Large mail piece format
– Distribute to everyone in an area
– Consistant delivery times
– High response rates

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Who can I mail to?

EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail) mailings do not have to mail to an entire zip code; just an entire carrier route. You can choose individual routes that you want to mail to. It is a great solution for any retail store or company who offers services to a specific geographic area. EDDM is a competitive alternative of advertising versus insertion in local newspapers. Newspaper circulation has been declining, while most everyone has a mail box.

J&A Printing can provide demographic information on each route, including the average home value, average income and percentage of homes with children, as well as other specific demographic information. We offer tools on our customer portal to obtain route counts for entire zip codes and list counts based on a radius from a zip code. The USPS EDDM website provides demographic information and a mapping tool https://eddm.usps.com/eddm/customer/routeSearch.action to identify routes in your target area.

What can I mail?

EDDM is a flat size mailer. The mail piece needs to be EITHER more than 6.125 high or 10.5 long. There are also no tabbing requirements and EDDM only needs to be .007 thick instead of .009, which is required for automated letter mail. EDDM can be a flat card, a folded brochure or even a bound booklet.

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Here are a few popular EDDM sizes and examples:

EDDM tiresEDDM cars
EDDM coffee