How to Stretch your Marketing Dollar using EDDM and Filtered High Density Mail

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What is EDDM?

This acronym stands for Every Door Direct Mail, but how does it work? It is a service of the United States Postal Service (USPS).  This sweet spot, in marketing, has been very successful in the Business to Consumer model where there is a high concentration of customers within a specific geographic area.
Take, for example, a 5 mile radius around a service location.  For just $.16 of postage, and a print cost of $.065 each, you can get a 6” x 11” Postcard to 50,000 households.  You can also get the same $.16 postage rate for mail pieces up to 12” x 15”.  Even though everyone in this geographic area may not be your ideal customer, it still makes sense to use EDDM if your product or service appeals to a high percentage of people in that geographic area.  If you need to be even more targeted, because of the product or service being offered, you can choose to use Filtered High Density Mail as an alternative.


What is a Filtered High Density Mailing?

Similar to EDDM, Filtered High Density Mailing has a very attractive postage rate ($.191), but allows you to be much more targeted.  It allows you to target your geographic area, while also limiting the mailing to just those individuals who meet the demographic of your ideal customer (ie. Income, Gender, Age, Lifestyles, Interests, Buying Behavior, and many other demographics categories). Every Door Direct MailAlthough this targeting is more precise, there is a minimum density per carrier route that must be met to qualify for the $.191.  This is a little more than the EDDM rate of $.16 each, but much better than the regular Standard Presorted postage rate of $.30.  So, in summary, for the same postage budget, you would mail an overall smaller quantity, when compared to an EDDM mailing, but they will all meet your demographic selection.

Allow us to help you decide which mail list is right for your business.



The Economics of EDDM/Filtered High Density Mail verses 1st class single piece mail.

  1. A regular piece of first class mail costs $.49 each. Compare that to the cost range savings presorted mail offers from $.16 to $.30.
  2. Presorted mail can go up to 3 oz., with a size range of 4” x 6” to 12” x 15”.
    Compare that to the limited weight of 1st Class (up to 1 oz.) for a single piece that is less than 6” x 10.5” and paying First Class Postage ($.49).  If your mailer is larger than 6″x10.5″ or weighs more than 1 oz., the First Class Postage rate is through the roof!

Case Studies in Future Posts

Take a look at how EDDM works for one of our customers. We will be publishing even more case studies in the future, that demonstrate the effective use of these forms of direct mail to save money for our customers. 

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