How EDDM Works – A Case Study (HyVee/Aura Cacia)

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  1. J&A Printing is a large sheet fed printer and mailer located in Hiawatha, Iowa.We have the equipment and expertise to print and mail for any project.
  2. Every Door Direct Mail

  3. Hy-Vee is a large multi-state food store with an in store health market.
  4. Aura Cacia Aromatherapy, a wholesaler whose products are sold in the health market.



One of the Hy-Vee food stores located in Cedar Rapids Iowa was experiencing reduced traffic due to construction on the main road leading to their location.



To entice customers to shop, they created a Friday, Saturday and Sunday event consisting of food tasting throughout the store on Saturday and demonstrations of Aura Cacia’s aromatherapy products all three days.



How do we get people to attend this event?



Hy-Vee put up in-store signage weeks in advance; J&A Printing worked with Hy-Vee and Aura Cacia to design, print and mail an EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail) piece. The health market manager chose the carrier routes for the targeted recipients based on location, household income and age, using the USPS EDDM web site.



For EDDM to work, the offer on the mailing should be something that will attract the people on the chosen routes. In this case, the offer was .25 cents off on the stores fuel savings card. To qualify for this savings, the recipient needed to purchase $50 or more in the store. Each card had a code on it that would be entered at the cash register. By doing this, the results could be tracked. This offer was critical to the success of the mailing so therefore had to be appealing to the recipient. (see previous post containing an in-depth description of how EDDM works.)

Allow us to help you decide which mail list is right for your business.




J&A printed this mailer as a 9 x 12 postcard, on #120 lb gloss cover stock. Recent data from NewPage Paper, showed that heavier paper stock is associated with value and has a higher return or interest in the product or offer. 4,518 cards were mailed,  and postage came to $.157 cents each, with Hy-Vee and Aura Cacia splitting the cost. The mailing was dropped on the Tuesday before the scheduled event. The cards were delivered to the recipient’s mail boxes the following Wednesday and Thursday.



Out of the 4,518 cards, 849 cards were redeemed.  Some cards were handed out at the store boosting the overall total cards and responses.  We estimate the response rate at 17%-18%.  Aura Cacia received a lift in sales of their products calling this a successful event.



The main obstacle that had to be overcome, for this mailer, was time. We had less than two weeks from concept to mailing. Since this was not a pre-planned campaign, information had to be gathered from multiple sources to put the card together. This included having to take photos, copy writing and designing the card.



-First determine the feasibility of the campaign and if EDDM will accomplish it.
-Put a plan in place that has laid out a time line, expectations, responsibilities and costs.



This was an ideal target for EDDM because it combined a product that not everyone would use and a food store that everyone could use. The co-op aspect of this made the campaign even more affordable for both parties. The future sales from new repeat customers using this store, and having been introduced to Aura Cacia products, will keep adding to the ROI of this campaign for years to come.

Allow us to help you decide which mail list is right for your business.


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