Is EDDM right for me?

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EDDM, a USPS service, is a very cost effective way to get your message to everyone in a specific geographic area. And this works very well for many retail business that offer something that the majority of consumers can use. Auto dealers and restaurants are two good examples of this. In many areas, EVERYONE has a car and everyone goes out to eat occasionally.

We are able to provide you EDDM data, showing demographic averages, for the household income and home values in each USPS route in the neighborhoods you are wanting to target. EDDM is the lowest cost, direct mail product, that you can buy. Postage is just $.16 each.

Allow us to help you decide which mail list is right for your business.

EDDM is Terrific – But, maybe not for everyone
Some retail businesses (and other businesses) believe that they need to target an even MORE specific demographic selection, if the majority of an entire neighborhood, does not need their product or service. In that case, if you’re wanting to mail to ONLY a specific demographic selection, the regular standard postage per piece goes up to about $.30 each. And, you’d also have a list rental cost of about $.025 each. As you can see, the cost of NOT using EDDM, is significantly more. So, if you CAN substantiate mailing to everyone in a route (EDDM), for the same postage cost, you’re able to mail over 40% more pieces as you would had been able, if you were just mailing as a standard presorted mailing.

Every Door Direct Mail
An Alternative:
An alternative to EDDM, would be to use a Filtered High Density mailing list. This allows you to mail strictly to those individuals who meet your demographic selections, instead of to EVERYONE in the neighborhood. High Density postage is around $.191 each. Not as good as EDDM ($.160 each), but still much better than a regular standard mailing ($.30 each).

J&A has been mailing EDDM mailings, for our customers, for as long as it has been an available USPS service. – Even before the USPS branded it as EDDM.

We recently had a customer interested in mailing an EDDM mailing. They believed their target customer to be men who earned more than $45,000 per year. Upon reviewing the demographics for the neighborhoods that this customer wanted to mail to, we found that the percentage of homes that met the demographic only averaged 20% or less. In the EDDM mail carrier routes, where the average male head of household was 20% and over, the mail would have went to 22,603 households. However, only 20% of those households, for this EDDM mailing, would actually have met all of the customers targeted demographic for sure.

Filtered High Density List:
When we look at the same geographic area considered for an EDDM mailing, but instead, using Filtered High Density, select only men who earn over $45,000 per year, and filter the selection to only the households that would qualify for High Density rates, the total is 25,460 households. This is a very similar mail list size when compared to the EDDM quanity, except that now, 100% of the individuals selected meet the target demographic.


For filtered high density, there is an additional $.03, each, in postage, when compared to EDDM prices, however now your mailing list is much more targeted. When you look at the postage cost of mailing to the 22,603 EDDM list we talked about earlier, and only getting 20% of your mailings targeting your demographic, maybe you should just consider mailing a few less pieces, using Filtered High Density, and still getting your message to individuals who meet your actual demographic. For the same postage that the EDDM list would have cost you, in this case, you would mail to a Filtered High Density list of 18,934 individuals, instead, who actually meet ALL of your demographic requirements.


Allow us to help you decide which mail list is right for your business.


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