The excitement of a new catalog

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Last night before Yoga class I gave my instructor a copy of the new Gaiam Yoga catalog we printed here at J&A Printing. This 84 page full color catalog is packed with all the Yoga accessories needed to make your Yoga experience complete and make you look good doing it. As she flipped through the pages you could see the excitement build, she would stop on a page and show the other students some of the new Yoga products available. After class she thanked me and said she was looking forward to spending time looking through all the pages. Paper catalogs have one advantage over on line catalogs, people will usually flip through all the pages looking at what’s available and not just do a search for a particular item. Paper catalogs will give the reader a sense of ownership, its their catalog to keep, to hold and read anywhere, any time and no electricity or batteries needed.
John Fields

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